We welcome new members!

MPRA BoundariesAnyone may apply to become an Equity Member with priority given to residents who live in the immediate neighborhood around the pool. Note: This is the area bounded by Goldsboro Road (S), MacArthur Boulevard (W), Wilson Road (N), and River Road (E).

Equity Members enjoy swim privileges at Merrimack throughout the entire swim season from mid-May until the close of the season in mid-September, and children may join the Merrimack Swim & Dive Teams, with first-option for Mini Maniacs enrollment. Equity Members have lower season dues with fees capped at four family members, the option to have renters if away for a season, the choice to convey the membership with the sale of their home, and voting rights on major decisions affecting the pool.

Be advised that due to high demand there is an extensive waitlist for Equity Membership. Because the Corporation is limited to 300 members, it requires current members to sell their Equity Member deposit before others can be invited to join.

The Board has created two categories that allow usage of the facilities while on the waitlist. These are non-shareholder swim privileges offered on an annual basis and each category has limits to avoid overcrowding at the pool. Late Summer Affiliate, which provides access to the pool from August 1 until Closing Day in mid-September, is usually offered to 80 families 1-3 years after submitting an application. Full Summer Affiliate full season swim privileges are offered to the top 275 families on the waitlist, usually about four years after submitting an application. These are not precise determinations because each category, like Equity Membership, is dependent upon the movement of others on the waitlist ahead of new applicants. Be advised that if conditions exist, such as COVID, those offered Late Summer Affiliate swim privileges in one year are not necessarily guaranteed swim privileges in the next season.

There is a $50 non-refundable fee to join the waitlist. New Equity Members pay a one-time membership share of $1,900 that is fully refundable upon resignation in addition to annual season dues. Dues for 2022 are $350 for the first adult family member and $90 for additional immediate family members residing in the household. Equity Members pay for no more than 3 additional family members. The caregiver fee for Equity Members is $90. Children under the age of 2 are free.

Equity Members not using the pool during the summer, may elect “inactive” status and pay the $225 inactive fee. Please note that the inactive status may only be used three times during the lifetime of the membership without Board approval.

The dues for Full Summer Affiliates in 2022 are $505 for the first adult family member and $165 for each additional immediate family member residing in the household. The caregiver fee is $165. Children under the age of 2 are free.

Late Summer Affiliate offers are sent via email in July to accounts of the previous year in good standing. In 2022 the dues are $330 for the first adult family member and $90 for each additional family member residing in the household. The caregiver fee is $90. Children under the age of 2 are free.

Swim and Dive Team participation is available to Equity Members and Full Summer Affiliates but it is not possible for Late Summer Affiliates because the team seasons end in July.

Be sure to add MerrimackPool@gmail.com to your contacts so that you will receive future correspondence. Please keep your account contact information up-to-date so that we are able to contact you when swim privileges become available. Offers are sent via email by April to accounts from the previous year in good standing. If Full Summer Affiliate accounts do not register by the deadline, then offers are sent to those next on the waitlist.

If swim privileges are offered, but not accepted or the season waiver selected, the waitlist position is forfeited. Season Dues are neither pro-rated nor refundable.

To add your name to the waitlist, complete this form and submit the non-refundable $50 application fee to apply for swim privileges at Merrimack Pool.

Questions? Contact: MerrimackPool@gmail.com

[Pre-COVID information about the pool.]

A member-owned and -operated community pool in the Bannockburn neighborhood of Bethesda, Maryland, Merrimack has been offering members fun in the sun and cool in the pool for over 50 years. We are located at the end of a quiet street surrounded by trees on a spacious property that includes a grassy play area with picnic tables and ample parking. The heated outdoor pool is open each season from mid-May until mid-September.

We have a 7-lane competition pool and a large diving well with dual 1-meter boards. We also offer a wonderful kiddie pool area with a graduated beach entry, bubblers, and a “lemon drop” fountain sprayer. A transition pool that is 12′ x 30′ and 3-foot deep is perfect for kids just learning to swim.

In 2018, the property was fully renovated to include a new entry check-in gatehouse, updated and remodeled women’s and men’s bathhouse locker rooms, and the addition of Mack’s Cafe offering patio deck table seating. Mack’s Cafe has a wide variety of lunch, dinner, and snack food options. Ping pong and foosball tables are also available on the patio deck.

Merrimack is part of the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL) and the Montgomery County Diving League (MCDL) and its teams, the Maniacs, offer summer team practice programs from May to July. Swimmers participate in competitive swim and dive meets against other county pools in June and July. Swimming and diving lessons are available to members from our approved pool member lifeguards and swim and dive team coaches. Early bird swim is available during weekday mornings from June into August. Merrimack provides a friendly social environment where members can enjoy summer camaraderie and fun, especially during social events and holiday parties.

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at this community pool to meet neighbors and to support the pool activities.