Annual dues.

Equity Member 2021 Season Waiver

Selecting the Equity Member Season Dues checkbox below removes the waiver charge.

If you choose not to use the pool for the season, you must pay the 2021 Equity Member waiver and your account will be inactive for the season. This season waiver will not count against the three-season waiver limit.

Equity Member Season Dues

The 2021 Equity Member season dues are $320 for the first adult immediate family member residing in your household and $80 for each of the next three additional immediate family member swimmers in the household. There is no charge for additional immediate family members residing in your household beyond the first four, or children under the age of 2. The Caregiver fee for Equity Members is $80.

If you have a caregiver who brings your children to the pool, be sure to register them in advance and pay the $80 fee, as Daily Guest Passes may not be used this year.