Registration and Fees
Watch for the 2024 season dues registration process. Offers are first sent to Equity Members until all slots are filled. Then Full Summer registration begins and when those slots are filled the offers for Late Summer will be issued. Please do not attempt to register before you receive notification as that will create transaction records that will complicate your account.

Swim and Dive
Merrimack’s Swim and Dive coaches, Elizabeth Sudassy and Kathy Kirk, will be back leading our kiddos to glory. Team Registration will occur in April. Swim and dive lessons will be available throughout the season, and instructions for sign-ups will be shared closer to the season’s start.

Events and Activities
We are planning lots of activities for the pool community, including movie nights, Swim and Dive Team events, and adult socials.  Details on these activities will be communicated throughout the season (personal, not work, emails are recommended).

The Board remains committed to operating Merrimack Pool safely and enjoyably for our members and we are planning for the 2024 season. We look forward to seeing you at the pool!